I have an idea

The idea of broadsheet promotion keeps appearing in my reading material as of late. I need to expand my readership for this next book, but how? Well, here’s the seed of an idea. You tell me what you think.

First off, I’ll be making the ebook copy of Kissing the Devil available for $5. My digital, tree-friendly cred established (albeit only to the half-brained) we proceed to the request.

Here are two broadsheets to go with my new book. Each takes a sizable amount of text from two stories and incorporates them into a black and white advertisement. Download ’em and throw them up. Throw them around. You who have printing privileges at universities and you who like to fill small bookstores with quality fiction, this is what you have to do. No bookstore will carry a book that they know they can’t sell. Selling books comes from people wanting to buy them. Show them my clips. Show them my broadsheets and maybe, if I get enough interest, I can come to your city, do a few readings, and get this show on the road.

Broadsheet 1 Broadsheet 2


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