Fox – Glenn Beck. Observations.

Where I am right now forces me on a regular basis to watch Glen Beck on FOX. For those who are unaware, Glenn is Fox’s new party clown, it’s less abrasive PR answer to Jon Stewart. He cannot be taken seriously, except in that peripheral, rat brain sense which reads body language, bold graphics, short words and other effluvia that tests the filters. Glenn is what gets caught in those filters, a congealed mass of these hideous traits. He is currently sharing his screen with images of Wilson, unemployment lines, and Hitler. I am not fucking joking with you. They have surrendered all pretense of professionalism here. This is straight war drum PR. The title of his sequence is, or now blessedly was: “Destined to Repeat”. Fox is starting a war, within our own borders. Whatever their reasons, and even with them there is room for interpretation, this is their clear aim. They are approaching civil war language, the kind that works for those with more patriotism than sense.

It would be so much easier to be a patriotic American, loyal to my country and my culture if it didn’t revolve around lionized stupidity, belligerence, and an underlying gullibility reminiscent of sheltered children. There are real threats in and to America, and when the hammer falls both liberals and conservatives will blame each other, and they will both be right.


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