Stop Bitching about your Jet Pack

One of these days I’m going to fully explicate why I hate the ambitious, hopeful masses so much. For now, this post will due, because I really can’t stand them even if I love them for their dedication to talking about the future as though it’s not SF. The future is not Science Fiction. The future is the present with more people.

People though…that’s where it gets rough. I can’t be inspired to go out there and change the world. I know people differently. I have felt a different edge to their existence.

They are all treacherous fools.

They are not trustworthy.

The world sickens and rots because in their love they breed. That is all. The rest is the system adapting to the requirements of a morality favoring life over all other concerns. You need to stay busy, and so you do. Your doing contradicts the doing of others (likewise operating under the same motivation). Thus comes life, in all its rich variety, and thus comes with it conflict. Thus comes the need for mediation. Thus comes the need for media. Thus the illusion sustains itself. The car shifts from first gear to second, to reverse, and back. But it is still underwater. It does not move.

I while ago I had a rant about how much I hate freeganism. I left it unpublished, largely to ruminate. It’s descendant appears here, longingly inserted between my cheers for now being sold on Amazon and what complaining shall follow later on. Maybe something on the Iranian election. Maybe not. I loathe repeating myself, and repeating others doubly so.

Anyway, freeganism. Otherwise known as dumpster diving for perishables. It is a practical requirement, but a garbage scow social level. I cannot confuse it with effort and contribution, even if it’s honestly how I live most of the time. It’s fine for people who like to keep a low profile, but it’s sustainability is inversely related to the economic aptitude of those surrounding.

Also, if you’re living off of handouts voluntarily, you’re taking from the needy. Charity costs money, just not for the beggar.

On a loosely related note, I know that I am unsuccessful artistically because I do not speak of the current issues. I do not speak of the transhumanist technophilia. I do not speak of the technical revolutions and the great sciences of the era. I suppose I have no idea where to start, and I am in competition for every line with those who actually care about these things. Also, because I really don’t find them interesting. They’re cute bits of data, but it’s humanity that will make these things work or not (you can guess where my vote stands). Man will default towards his typical behavior in all cases. The Geothermal revolution will come eventually. The social infrastructure will overtake the business. I believe it’s quite likely (though not inevitable). However…

…with every new superweapon the experts declare war abolished.
…with every new media invention, ignorance is undone.
…with every major step in agriculture, poverty is closer to being eradicated.

But still, man makes more. He does so because of…well, it’s complicated. I put it into stories. I write about people that don’t exist, but easily could. The monsters are fantastical, but also real. I write about William Burton, who traveled to the end of the world to learn to project himself beyond, and faced the truth of all our futures in the plastic island off the coast of California.

I write about you…and what you’ll do with your future after you’ve paid for your present. Because that’s the mentality we were all brought up with in this country (I write from the US). We were brought up believing in credit. We didn’t always call it that, but the believe in a proper present was always subsidized by the future, and what it would cost us. We have pushed back this price tag again and again, but always we come to the inevitable invoice from mother nature.

This is where I part ways with the hippies, because they and their children were just as bad. They think now we can just snap our fingers and change to solar panels. Ask yourself this: who pays me and where is his or her money coming from? It’s easy to say I make money selling this or that, but who makes it? Usually, the Chinese. Who buys it? Usually, people who should be saving their money to afford the better food and the necessary lessons for their children. You make intelligent video games, but their plots are unimportant because the are as roundly bad for the human brain as soft drinks are for the body.

You try, but to live is to wound. To breed is to crowd. You are not inviting friends to your table. You are inviting competition who have not had forced upon them your morals, your capitulation, and your guilt. You call it “ignorance” but it is the different priorities of different people. It is why immigrants strive in America and triumph: because they care about money. It is why Americans fail in America, because they think their nationality means something, and because to favor it in action is considered bigotry. For better or worse, the facts are there.

Our future is here, predefined by our past. We are unchanged by our generations. The same errors are made. The same flaws, which run to the core of the human condition remain as strong and influential as they ever were. Change the creature. Change the ape fundamentally and permanently and kill off all those who aren’t changed. Otherwise, you’re just helping fill the world with more digits until we’ll all need bar codes on our foreheads to tell each other apart.

In summation, stop bitching about your jet pack. The future is not coming. It’s already here, and in it, people still drive drunk and while texting.


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