Worth remembering that in the information age, your information is valueable. THis mean,s in addition to all of the other crap we know and love to pretend we’re worried about:

This is Naveen Jain. He runs Intelius, which you should not use. I’ve heard a series of complaints on Web of Trust, and for an online service that’s a DQ.What interests me with Naveen is his concept. he is a swindler workign off the easy business model of low overhead, which is easier when the commodity is information, and beating the drums of paranoia to sell it.

Undoubtedly a lot of consumers do the survey and move forward to the next page – it only takes a second. But what most people don’t do is read the fine print, which gives no real details on the $10 cash back (in fact, it is never mentioned again, anywhere). Instead, in light gray small text, users are told that by taking the survey they are really signing up to a $20/month subscription. Intelius forwards your personal information, including your credit card, to Adaptive Marketing. The next day a $20 charge appears on your credit card, and each month afterwards.


Just a reminder: my freedom is worth more than your security, likewise my privacy. If you believe otherwise, you should be shipped off to a communist country where you are not permitted secrets. Further, if you believe this crap and yet thought enough to do a background check on someone, I’m utterly loathe to imagine what you planned on doing with it. You clearly are not suspicious enough to handle facts.


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