Relegated to the Public Trust

PITTSBURGH–Albert is a regular sight at Forbes & Craig St. in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He can usually be seen chatting with college students, talking to telephone poles, smoking his hand-rolled cigarettes or relaxing.

It is unlikely he will be seen any time soon at that or any other corner. At approximately 1:15 pm, Sunday June 28th, Albert left the corner in a squad car.

Police responded to reports that Albert was shouting at pedestrians. When police arrived on the scene, Albert was standing at the corner bus stop outside Starbucks, wearing his jacket over his head, shouting at cars.

CMU Police officers Bruno and Bernarding arrived, prompting Albert to flee into an alley. He either did not go far or returned at Officer Bruno’s prompting.

Then Pittsburgh PD arrived. Within moments of arriving, Officer A. Lewis shouted into the alley:

“Yeah, I know this guy. What did I tell you yesterday? I thought I told you to stop coming down here. Stop coming down here. They don’t want you around here.”

He reached out and the situation became very aggressive. Lewis leapt into the alley began fighting him down to the ground, where they attempted to handcuff him. They brought him out into the street and the two men fought with him. Officer Lewis punched him several times in the head while on the ground. He was then subdued by all four officers. Lewis then tasered him at close range.

Officer Lewis sustained a wounded knuckle.

During the arrest, Albert shouted repeatedly “that is unnecessary. That is unnecessary.”

According to Police, they have reports that he had been shouting at people all afternoon.

He later claimed to be on medication, but had lost it. He has in the past commented on his trouble getting disability payments.

Efforts to discover charges against him, his medical status or even his last name have failed. Police have refused any cooperation so the story is posted as-is.

The police did verify that he was taken to the hospital prior to booking.


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