Dangerous Lunatic

I was considering today, when looking at an application at The Examiner, what is my field of expertise. I have a few fields that I’m very well-versed in. I’ll try not to be vain and list them, but there are a few.  But there’s one that always comes back to me. It doesn’t get much exposure: media analysis. We discuss it, but mostly in the satirical, disturbed manner of Jon Stewart. Laughter is our only protection from what we sense in our media environment.  There’s more to it, though. It’s the ordinance in the media war. It’s the rules of engagement in the conflict for the minds of the American people. With this war, there are no rules (except “no swearing”). Furthermore, its victory in this war that utterly negates any progress in logical education of the American people.  There’s been a great deal said about Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and their various parallels in the news. These things are usually insulting, often vicious, and almost-always backed by an actual example usually in the form of a Youtube video.  Then there’s Glenn Beck. O’Reilly’s a belligerent asshole and a bully par excellance. But he’s a human monster. He shows his frailty in every desperate attempt at controlling the situation. As with your bullies in youth, you see their weakness in their threats.  But Beck…Beck is genuinely insane. He’s the evil side of us. He’s the side that truly hates dissent. His mind can’t handle opposition. He’s mentally unbalanced, morally shallow and worst, banked by Rupert Murdoch.  This youtube file is just one example of the Glenn Beck experience. There are others, probably over a hundred. It’s in his eyes. Every time he looks at you, he’s mocking you for what you’re doing, or not doing, to those filthy socialists taking over your country.  Glenn Beck shows a new level in the media war. He’s the Republican answer to the democratic satirist (Stewart and Colbert). Only this one isn’t joking, and neither are his supporters.


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