End Times

These are the end times. I have seen flies get up and fly away after being ground under heel. I have sold my own image for hard currency. August approaches.

I worry about being trapped. Then again, I’m short on cash this week and had my face digitally photographed by Tangent Imaging Systems. Just found out their partner is L-1 Identity Solutions. Took a fair amount of interrogation to find it out, too. The project is the study of facial shadows to build better software for video cameras. As it sits, a visor covering your face can create a shadow which effectively obliterates your identifying features. At $10 a pop, L-1 is buying a solution.

I’m going to do something utterly unpleasant with this money. Perhaps that’s the right approach. It’s the stipend of the powerful to the low, the pitch of a half-lit pusher. Take it and don’t ask too many questions. You’re already databased. This is just a little bit of love, a bit of “smile for the camera”.

The waver you sign is absolute and in perpetuity. Between this and a background check earlier this week, my sphinchter is feeling looser than a hooker’s womb.

Yes, aggressive panhandling is illegal. But third party swindling and a three card monty daisy chain of suppliers, partners and actors is perfectly ok.

The subjects are irrelevant. They can’t afford lawyers, don’t know what they’re doing, and largely don’t see the loss, only the gain.

This is largely the mentality that’s gotten us where we are today: at a state vaguely reminiscent of “a man trying to get fired from his job”. (Quote: alias, ‘Winston Rowntree’)

The flesh eaters all circle my corpse. I think, perhaps, I’m declared dead by act of Congress. That woudl explain the flies and the money. The mail, though…for that I wake every day. Alive at the promise of money, publication, profit, and esteem.

I think about my ex in summer. I really wish I didn’t.


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