An attempt

An attempt

Yesterday I discussed the Pittsburgh newspapers (the Post-Gazette specifically) demonizing protestors. They referred to the G-20 as “protestor-plagued” in keeping with their continuing coverage of how great this will be for Pittsburgh.

“”It’s the police and the state who are the biggest arbiters of violence at these events — not us,” said David Meieran of Squirrel Hill, a freelance communications consultant and self-described anarchist who spoke at a public hearing in City Council chambers on G-20 preparations.”

Today, I saw this in the Trib, their competitor. They quoted Dave Meieran pointing out the relationship between bringing riot gear to a protest and causing a damned riot. So I’ll be fair and point out that at this point that a Pittsburgh newspaper is actually quoting the other side…and the conservative paper, at that.

They also went out of their way to gratify a security dog’s unsubstantiated claim that aggressive protestors want to be arrested in order to sue the municipality. Money.

“Sam W. Rosenfeld, chairman of Texas-based security consultant The Densus Group, warned that police must brace for “hard-core” protesters — about 1 percent to 5 percent of the crowd — who will seek out violent confrontations and try to drum up liability cases against municipalities.”

He is saying that really, if there’s confrontation, then it’s the money-grubbing fringe who’ll start it. As opposed to the money-grubbing mainstream. They’ll be inside the convention center. These are the anti-municipality taxpayer-money-burning bad guys.

For what it’s worth, I know Dave Meieran. His quote is based in his own experience, as well as a penetrating article on the militarizing of police done by the Pittsburgh City Paper some time ago.

Rosenfeld, mentally deficient, claims that compensation claims are “an industry”. We’re talking about anarchists or we’re talking about capitalists here?

This one sounds inescapably like the same old fear-mongering. An unsubstantiated claim, threat of a loss, and the demonizing of a faceless mass.

Alright, I take it back…same old shit from the Pittsburgh papers. The illusion of parity and the careful sculpting of a dark shadow over Pittsburgh’s economic sweet sixteen.


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