Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct

Speaking as a man who’s soon going to attend the ruthless beating of a few thousand peaceful protestors (the G-20 in Pittsburgh), I’d like to draw attention to this article.

“A lawyer who moments earlier had been complaining to friends about police overreaction in the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., got a taste of the Gates treatment himself after loudly chanting “I hate the police” near a traffic stop in Northwest Washington, D.C.”

More to the point, let’s settle the Gates issue. Gates wasn’t arrested for being black. He was arrested for not kissing the ass of a cop. That’s all. Case closed. All else is pig bitching.

This is a serious, underlying issue in free speech in America. Free is defined quickly, curtly, and with the media’s acquiescence as a matter of political palatability, entertainment value, and overall difference to the prevailing culture of the time. In other words, it’s not free speech at all. It’s popular consent. What do we call unpopular speech?
Disorderly conduct.

I saw a guy carted away by the cops last month for barking on the street, insulting people and generally being as a mental patient will be when he’s off his meds. They beat him up, tasered him, and took him off.

Kiss ass or go to jail. Those are your options in this free land of ours.

The police disagree. That is why we are not living in a free country any more. We are living in a mollified police state. This is the threat that Obama poses with his beer summits, championing the racism excuse.

Let’s get this out of the way. Racism is a palatable hobgoblin. It exists, yes, but it’s easy to feel bad about it. Likewise it’s easy to point the finger and scream “racist!” instead of actually seeing what happened. It’s as pathetic as saying “they’re black therefore they’re a criminal.” “They’re black, therefore they’re the victim of racial profiling, segregation, etc.”

It’s bull and you know it is. There’s no such thing as “reverse racism”. There’s only “racism”. To give minorities a monopoly over the concept of discrimination is itself a biased, racist act!

Gates, though an asshole, should not have been arrested in his own damned home. A man can say whatever he pleases in his home, even if it is calling for the death of every cop on the planet.

Failing that, we fail all semblance what it means to be Free, American, or Human as is these concepts carry meaning in our thoughts and speech.


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