…said bovines are willing to attack both verbally and (quite possibly) physically the supporters of Healthcare, and yet this article is true. I supply the headline, which should be sufficient:

“Rivers Casino collects $14 million in first 18 hours”

Just remember this. It’ll help keep it all in perspective. You are supporting the flutter over the vaccination and the humanitarian aid to your countrymen. This is your stated preference for not supporting this issue.

If you believe this, then you have abdicated the right to call yourself a considerate, caring human being (by whatever standard you use to qualify it, religious or secular). You are the man who walks past the man who is bleeding and says you can’t spare a dime to save his life.

Yeah, that is you, because this is what you stand up and fight for. Not to save people from white phosphorous in Iraq. Not to save them from Katrina. Not even to limit the massive amount mis-spent over the past 8 years. You’re in it so you won’t feel “taxed”…even if you give it away for nothing at all.

That is you, the fool who believes what he hears from conservative talk radio. That is you, the fool who says she “doesn’t like being lied to” when it is patently obvious that the truth shuts your brain down like a kill switch. That is you, and you need to stop now.


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