Best News I’ve Heard All Day may Get Someone Jailed

Best News I’ve Heard All Day may Get Someone Jailed

Somebody let their mixed-breed dog escape. The dog was found in the wood shot in the face, but apparently still alive. They’re looking for the person to charge them with something.

Here’s a word of warning: Dogs are not PEOPLE. Dog fighting is not a crime, except in what way it’s gambling (which is illegal unless it’s at 3 rivers or “benefits older Pennsylvanians”)

Shooting a dog is not a bad thing. Shooting a dog is self-defense against a bad habit mankind has not yet kicked, its addiction to the affection of a slobbering beast who depends on you for survival.

By the way, if your dog even licks me on the street, I am justified in shooting it. Why? Because I am a human, and it is not even an animal. It is bred meat technology and it has offended my senses.

Don’t search for and arrest this person. Give them a second chance at killing it and an option to eat it. Otherwise, the dog’s home. Case closed.


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