Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia

Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia

This is what bothers me about the Right Wing, Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation and so many attributes of the current media war: I can’t believe anything said here.

To clarify, I saw oen of the youtube videos from this affair. I watched it during the election. I even sent an email to Bobby Seal (a founder of the orginal Black Panther Party) asking for his take. I did this becasue of a talk he gave a few years ago (the date eludes me) at Rutgers University while I was a student. Among the many things stated was his definition of “a pig”. To me, the New Black Panthers were in this case clearly acting as the Pigs. I wanted a response and I haven’t gotten one.
This is an important story and deserves a follow-up. Problems arise when it’s covered by parties so dedicated and verified as untrustworthy, unreliable, and cancerous to information. We knwo that liberal media will not pursue this, for love of Obama or fear of African-American pundits. However, it’s a topic that needs exposure. It is compromised on both sides.
There we have it, though. Compromised on both sides. These are the poles. It’s darling of one and de facto evil to the other. This is a cloudly, cloudy lens to view the world through.

NOTES. More later.


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