The Juice

Efficiency upgrades to the PA power grid. However annoying this will be for people, this is extremely necessary. —Link

This is what concerns me, however. Hackers from Russia & China have already proven adept at infiltrating our power systems. I’m wondering how, this will influence the goal of greater energy efficiency. I am suspicious of anything controlled by computers, because it’s often controlled by a computer managed and maintained by the computer-illiterate.

Our president has been supportive of energy conservation with respect to light bulbs, banning the incandescent track lights that chew up electricity in stores.

Even our last president supported phasing out the incandescent bulb saves massive amounts of electricity.

Amusingly enough, Conservatives like Michele Bachmann have tried to this deadline, proving once again that conservatives are as liable as liberals to treat the planet and modern civlization like a candy machine.


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