Taken from the notebook: Monday, Sept 21st.

Spitting rain outside. Classic (read that as overplayed) rock in the Primanti Bros. in Downtown.
Time’s almost there. Activists are still outnumbered by cops, which means most are either en route or in hiding. Most likely, the former. It’s likely that the roads will suffer major blockages in the next 72 hours, rendering traffic into the city well nee impossible. With the Port Authority acting under limited schedules and AMTRAK closed down, passage into and out of this city will become an entertaining debacle.
Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Joan Jett, and Guns n’ Roses. The radio is a tableau of the culture. Like the music, we are all still living in the reiteration of a tired pattern.
Code Pink is in Point State Park for Monday and Tuesday, representing feminism, anti-war peace and all the usual suspects. Their sincere and pleasant, in that facile, unspeakable sense that reminds us of our High School geometry teacher. Even if they’re factually correct and morally right as rain, it’s still hard not to see a collective case of empty nest syndrome under a tent.
Then again, it’s hard to champion the anti-war movement when you observe it killing off the cross-eyed wastrels of the Midwest en masse. Remember, we are not in draft conditions here in America. The service is still voluntary (despite the bait-and-switch pulled on the National Guard in 2003).
Just imagine it, the National Guard brought home to their actual duty. Just imagine the Marines and Army reserves brought home and employed in their nearest profession: law enforcement.
That’s the irony of every anti-war movement ever. It’s those who go versus those who don’t, and in the end, only one side has strategic and self-defense training worth a damn. It’s a shouting career mom versus the cultural white bread, the café versus the bar, and the liberal arts versus criminal justice.
Ultimately, the division is between two visions of America. The Pink vision is a poorly-formed illusion based on the assumption that all of history is based off of people not listening to their hearts (or, by proxy, their mothers).
The other side is the patriarch. It’s the men who do and have done in the past. It is the group that states what is necessary, according to their viewpoint, to keep up the world they have seen created.
Both sides are insane, ill-guided, and delusional. Both sides, when given their full measure of attention, inevitably lead to the collapse of society. The only question presented is: whose turn is it now?
That’s what we’re left with. One side plays as if they can’t lose. The other plays as if the opposition has already lost.


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