I think some time in the near future I’ll have to watch some TV.

Please note that I do, in fact, treat this with the same clinical detachment some use to speak of inspecting a festering wound.

Yep, I’mma watchin Telly! Why, you ask? Because I’m watching a bit of it now. It’s Survivor, or one of its many clones. I’m wondering how well this reveals our culture. Quite well, I think. It’s CBS. It’s a fat, bald lunatic and a multi-ethnic cast. It’s the fear in cop dramas in teh commercials between. Finally, it’s the mock tribalism, the half-assed attempt at a novel setting, and a vote.

Americans have really forgotten what voting means. What it means to be heard is now trivialized to the level of a reality show.

A kid tonight pointed out something harsh and true about us. Our G-20 experience revealed that we are not free, but instead given an extended privilege that can and will be redacted when it becomes inconvenient. We know this, most of us at least. I’ve known it for years. But it becomes overwhelming when knowing that it can’t really be changed. You shut down. You ignore the loss because there is no way to get it back.

Further, you probably weren’t using it anyway. You were watching television. So some time soon, maybe tomorrow, I’m going to watch some television. Time to see what the hell you’re all doing with yourselves.


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