Bram Reichbaum is retiring

Bram Reichbaum is retiring

I have not been reading the Pittsburgh Comet long. All I can say reliably of it is that it covered topics that I have, myself, been very interested in. In its absence, I will be forced to pay even closer attention myself.

Bram’s retirment comes as a product of frustrations with the modern media world, to overly-generalize as I’m not going to quote him directly. They’re old complaints. Some complain on parts, others on the whole situation. No real solutions have been offered. We all know the major news outlets in Western PA are complicit and borderline incompetent. However, they have the staff. They have the readers. We, bloggers, freelancers, and indymedia sorts, have our professionalism and guile.

Here’s what I need: a better system of sources and monitoring. I need to know, as the PPG knows, when things are happening significantly before they do happen. This is not as easy as it sounds. A professional mechanism can take months to reliably build, and a system of contacts usually several years. Contributing technology, suggestions, sources, and contacts are all welcome. Recommend away, folks…arms and armor for new world of reporting.


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