Tasers – the whitewashing continues

Tasers – the whitewashing continues

More about how tasers are safer than fists and billy clubs. This is another simple truth that hides a larger, subtler problem. It’s the sort of problem you need to have been in that position to see. When the police needn’t worry about bothering themselves, they are significantly less patient and humane to the people they deem annoying (not even criminal…just annoying). This is where the stories of people being tasered in front of their children go. When suppression of the public voice becomes easy for the suppressor, and especially when it becomes a no-sweat, bruise free encounter, then authority will exercise its power with minimal restraint.

This is part of the reason most police procedures are confidential. If we knew what they’re really taught to do with these devices, we’d move for open war at every encounter, lest we irk the oh-so-iritable po-pos.


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