Why I Hate Christmas (an incomplete answer)

Christmas in Pittsburgh…everybody’s off somewhere.

The Asian guy in Bloomfield was going through his door when I first saw him. I saw him coming in an approaching direction not fifteen minutes later. He stopped. He’d been looking for me. I apparently look like a homeless psychotic when I take my Christmas walk.

Over through Shadyside and Bloomfield. Silence and freezing rain. Not a bad holiday for atheists. Chinese and Indian restaurants all open, mostly empty. The man at the Kiva Han coffee shop comments on how the economy sucks.

In the news:

Police arrest Penn Hills man who abducted kids at gunpoint–I want details on this one. Mentally ill, was he a parent to the kids, or is he simply the sort of person who should be dragged from a moving vehicle?

Muslims in world’s most-populous Arab nation join holiday fun–I have a friend from Morocco who comes back to the U.S. to celebrate Christmas. Yes, he’s a merchant. I offer this as reality’s response to the War on Christmas, as commented on here and elsewhere.

Christmas morning fire kills Indiana County man–shit

I used to work at the warehouse on Meade & North Braddock. I have friends who still work around there.

Police: Thief Steals presents After Fire Forces Out Family In Homewood–Lastly, while not the most insanely altruistic, Christ-like response in the universe, being that calm when your life and holiday have been sacked and burned is damned impressive. This is, recall, the holiday when people rob each other to please their kids.

This is just a taste, and only for one day. The rest of the week is another story, as the short-staffed newspapers spill the unedited contents of police blotters. Notice how few bylines there are on the PPG lately. All “Pittsburgh Post Gazette” with no author. All the meetings are adjourned in politics. All the schools are closed. We are away with our families, or otherwise left alone with ourselves and our “news”.

There have been more fires, robberies and shootings in the news today than any other day I can recall.

Merry Christmas, Pittsburgh. I hope this is the dark side of something utterly grand.

In other news…I received one Christmas present this year, a coat. It is replacing a coat that is 12 years old.

Four SC men charged with lynching in beating death of NC man–Deputies with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office said Ronnie Gene Wallace of Charlotte died on Christmas night after being attacked in Indian Land.

Warmer, I wish you happy new year…and herpes.


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