Vile Hissings on Friday, brought about by the religious

Watching Jerry Bergman, Ph.D discuss how the universe is too complex to have evolved. He is narrating the creation of a bacterial flagellum. “it looks simple, but it’s pretty complex”. With the sound off and closed captions, you see him and his biological chart of a flagellum superimposed over the intricacies of a pocket watch.

You can imagine the people watching this sitting at home on a Friday afternoon, unemployed, nodding their bovine heads demurely. Makes sense to me, they’re thinking. The world is so much more complex than me. Big daddy Jesus in the sky and his daddy God must’ve done it.

These people hold degrees, folks. These people believe Glenn Beck does proper research because he dresses in a pilgrim hat and can write fascism, socialism, and the names of presidents on a chalk board. These are not splinter groups. These are, quite possibly, half the country.

Finally 20% of voters, including 35% of Republicans, support impeaching Obama for his actions so far. I’m not clear exactly what ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ they are using to justify that position but there may be a certain segment of voters on both the right and the left these days that simply think the President doing things they don’t agree with is grounds for removal from office.–source

One of the many disheartening examples of what we’re dealing with in this country, a people that no longer rationally appreciates what the law is. The law is nanny, pacifier, protector and saint. it’s the blue line that must be held in pristine condition, at the expense of all truths that would sully it.

This is where Obama comes in. The president isn’t a pacifier. He points at people and tells them they need to do things. he uses words like “change” and “trouble” as though they are meant to encourage action. While I don’t agree with him on everything, the approach is definably alien to the conservative way of life, where all decisions are relegated to the authority of the minder class who knows all. Your responsibilities are to nod your head and say ‘it makes sense’, and occasionally lynch anyone who’s actually done the required reading.

They say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and occasionally having to lynch someone…well, something like that. They’re pretty vague on things that require thinking,although they’ve mastered the Colonial America section of Bartlett’s book of Quotations. The price of freedom is doing the required reading. The price of freedom is knowing what the constitution does and does not say. It’s intellect, as well as guns. It’s guns, as well as intellect.

The breaking of America is upon us, the all-quarters breakdown of communication all for the higher buck of a waterheaded fascist from Mount Vernon. As I look out on the TV, galvanized, believed in all its lies, on the patronized, keening wail of the Tea Party mass, all I can think, again and again is…well, if Beck had kept himself in the care of “Dr. Jack Daniels“, we might be closer to the future of Arthur C. Clarke right now than that of Philip K. Dick.

They are not the required reading, but still…damned fun. One’s responsible for Blade Runner.

Alright, probably not. There are no end to the legion whores willing to sacrifice all shame for publicity. For every balloon boy, there are a dozen minor league Michele Bachmanns, Joe the Plumbers and Sarah Palins. It’s their purpose to be famous, because the one remaining commodity is sellability. The Tiger Woods fiasco exists because his celebrity was based on his boyish charm. With that damaged, the very core of his bankability (aving very little to do with golf), is endangered.

There we come to the heart of it, not with Woods as any more than an example. The fame is the commodity. The celebrity is the profession. The commodity is that nodding fool that helps pull in the advertising dollars. What he says and does is tangential, vestigial even…even when it throws around icons of a bygone era to redact the progress made since we crawled out of it.


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