The Dying Empire of Whitey, a Tea Party evaluation

Saturday Tax Day Tea Party on Allegheny Landing, beside a house played in by Pirates and named for a plundering bank. All beside a filthy river on the North Side, where el Blanco has descended once more to curse the country they are adamant that they are losing.

“The rights you have you cannot be taken,” said Tom Kawczynski of The Point, a Tea-Party Aligned News agency, “You can only give them away. And you cannot get them back.”

You can write forever about the Tea Party and you’ll never get it down. The mind rebels in an air equal parts common decency, respect for legacy, indifferent arrogance, ill-conceived ideas, and the old hand White entitlement that most of this country’s population has convinced themselves they neither have, nor is factored into their success and the failure of others.

“Get educated and lets take back our country,” Said Bob Bear, head of the Pennsylvania Tea Party.

Yes, Bob and his boys fear the loss of their country. Thus their three-pronged attack on big government (the Socialist Obama), the legislate-from-the-bench Judiciary, and the mainstream media.

“You write the truth about us,” said one woman to me, seeing me taking notes, “Not lies.”

They derided the media that was no longer there to watch them, and blame them for the poor turnout on the day of a Penguins game, when the phalanx to the Igloo easily doubles their numbers. According to the speaker, and likewise (or as a result) the audience, the media is the one who has lowered the numbers, printed lies about them, and misrepresented them as racists, gun-nuts and other marginal groups.

As with most entitled Middle Class Americans, racism is disavowed so long as you get to keep the institutional racism imposed by poverty, de facto segregation, police brutality and the prison industrial complex.

But the media has defamed their honorable name as “patriots”, blighting their movement. That is the crime of the Mainstream Media, unlike the mainstream media of the hate-mongering mental patient whose deranged chalk scribblings and occasional relationship with logic and history helped popularize the movement.

Heard from the bridge, regarding the 2nd amendment: “The right of any citizen to bear arms against citizen or his government shall not be inhibited.” The part about inclusiveness of government into the amendment is explicating the implied, and with it the the very core of the Tea Party.

Debates have raged over the political affiliation of the Tea Party, if only to clear up if they’re Republicans in Disguise or Republicans in denial. Champion an independent or two, send them financial support as Bear encourages. To the Pennsylvania Tea party, it is a non-partisan event.

“If the Republican candidate doesn’t support what you believe in, don’t vote for him!”

Non-partisanship among tends for Mary Beth Buchanan, Tom Corbett and Melissa Haluszczak.

The tea bagger thinks he’s in the right, and a good person believing in fairness and achievement.

WWRRD? is a teashirt, Ronald Reagan the subject. What would Ronald Reagan Do? What would a Republican Do?

Deregulate banks, creating the climate of job insecurity and free market and globalization-friendly business that lost America it’s industry, plundered its housing market, neglected its social systems (like education, roads, levees, and ecology) and forced an unconstitutional, inhumane and unsustainable shift to profit-based prisons and hospitals.

The indifference is their earmark: I got mine, and that’s all that matters. These are the shoot first and ask questions never ruthless, though they call themselves Patriots. Like most people who call themselves patriots, they’re self-absorbed cowards running off a sense of entitlement shouted into their ears in their training days at livestock school. Freedom is not Free you hear often, but from the lawn of Allegheny Landing rose a high whinging whine of Whitey decrying remedies for poverty because it conflicts with the code, as it is written.

“When I was in the military you didn’t ask your lieutenant if he was a Democrat or a Republican. You were an American. And if you weren’t, I didn’t care about you.”

The promise boys, the entitled ones, children of a delusion of rightness, of a commercial romance without tears. The reality is a slave state that is now proving impossible to maintain. They lash out against the medic because the medicine is bitter, and perhaps ineffective. Blame the doctor, blame the media, blame diagnosis you don’t agree with. In the end, they endorse watching more of Bob Basso on Youtube, the man behind the quote.

“buy a gun because your going to need it.” and “While you were playing with the toys of your consumer wealth, you lost much more than your bloated economy of living beyond your means. You lost your representative democracy. Your servants have become your masters. Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

All of them are white, all 300 of them. Some are veterans. Some dress like 1%ers and drive away in jeeps. So again…’without representation’?

Dominion is representation to this group, and they have it. This is the plundered America of Reagan and two Bushes, of Reaganomics and Free Trade. We pay $68 a day per prisoner in Pennsylvania, but the social remedy of welfare or for better schooling is too costly. Better to have a for-profit prison system that encourages the arbitrary imprisonment of youth and the uneven, racially-biased precedents widely and thoroughly validated…just to keep taxes low.

This is the very same thing as saying you want slavery back. There is no difference.

Bear calls it the return of “personal responsibility”, and an end to “socialism, social systems, and welfare…” because social systems of course get in the way of people becoming better citizens.

This is the reality of the new conservative, who wails and rails against the anti-gun and the pro-debt socialist, the anti-constitutional and the pro-socialist.

It is about vision, a delusion of a world where man can only interact with government as master or servant. These are the middle class, the confederated armies of El Blanco…generations of livestock raised by privilege and entitlement and told it was fairly earned on an even playing field. Now, threatened by the reality of this lie, by the consequences of it on our environment, our social structure, and everything else, they cling to the banners that galvanize their resolve: Word as Creed, as it was Written and intended by the Founder.

The next time people imply that religion is at the core of their white wing’s delusional behavior, keep this in mind. This is why. You cannot explain the reality of the corrupt populist agenda to a democrat. You cannot explain the brutal, ruthless culture of privilege to the American Conservative. You can’t call a man wrong whose entire personality hinges on the absolute value of being Right.


One thought on “The Dying Empire of Whitey, a Tea Party evaluation

  1. I would say this is a very negative view of what the Tea Party is about that contains some hard truths, but also some incorrect generalizations.

    There is a very large element that consists of people who are just your typical Republican conservatives, motivated as much by fear as ideas, looking to roll back the clock to some idyllic past that didn’t exist. Yet, there are also some of us who have a belief that government, in both parties, is a legitimate threat to our rights and liberties.

    As an example, I look back on Bush as a failed presidency because of passage of a Patriot Act that typecasts illegally and creates nothing but bureaucratic hassles, amongst many other reasons. Kneejerk partisanship is folly, and it’s why I’m a partisan without a party.

    Reading what you wrote, I agree there are major systemic problems that need to be addressed. I do think there are inequities that the system creates that need to be fixed, and that there are racial prejudices that serve as impediments. But, I look at what the Federal government has done for poverty in the past forty years, in poor neighborhoods, and ask if any of that has succeeded. Is it not possible, instead, that a few people got rich promising to make poor people not poor?

    My opinion is the middle class gets screwed when big business has a free hand, and the poor get screwed when big government has a free hand, so why trust any big institution. If they don’t need you, why would they care about you?

    Rant aside, I think there might be more basis in conversation than you’d think with some of the people who were there. There needs to be, otherwise, things continue as ever, and there are really only two groups today: People who realize things aren’t working, and people who deceive themselves into thinking they are.

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