City of Bundled Bones Chapter 1

Today I began the serializing of The City of Bundled Bones over here. Go have a look. I’ll be releasing a new chapter every week.

Martinet worked as a scullery maid in the City of Bundled Bones. She had no eyes, yet viewed the world through the looking glass lithographs of half-forgotten memory. Shout down the hall? Father, earliest and noblest martial sir. Call to the dining room? Mother, the roast pig spread open and steaming.

She tended the pigs then on relief duty to Mulhaney the killer, who sickened since last he visited the temple. Still she was, as the virgin with her child, long fingers dancing across pink flesh, sweet and tender until the crunch of the blade.

Squeals of the stock swine expiring ignited the air. Her breath hung as a cloud, slow, steady expulsions in the half-lit blue steel light of the animal pens…more


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