Chapter 3 to my online novel City of Bundled Bones is up, free for the reading. Now with ipaper. Looking into new formats to make an even more pleasant reading experience.

Now comes the time of silence, where there is no command, yet the sound of breath is too shallow to hear. Now comes the time of waiting, in the cold walls, where the torture sounds rise up from behind the bone brickwork. Now comes the moment of confinement, in darkness, in cells of cold material, waiting for the justice of the imperious martial peace.
Stripped to her skin in the cold, Martinet lay against the wall. Air cold enough to freeze tears swept cool and impartial through the silent room, shearing at flesh long numbed to the sensation.
Weakness numbed likewise her inner senses. Unfed for days. Tired beyond sleep. Assaulted regularly in the dark by the rats and the impartial beating of the guards. Beneath even the savagery of the libido, left to fold inward on the crystalline floor of the le Sang dungeon, but still quite alive.


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