Cop breaks into ICU posing as terrorist

How’s this for an ill-conceived emergency preparedness drill? An off-duty cop pretending to be a terrorist stormed into a hospital intensive care unit brandishing a handgun, which he pointed at nurses while herding them down a corridor and into a room.~source

This is how authority gets us used to the police state. First it’s the cameras everywhere. Then come the commando cops and the random drills to make sure we’re nice and submissive. If there is a population insufficiently terrorized by actual, dangerous criminals, you terrorize them with cops and call it a drill. Just get them used to dropping down and obeying every little command G.I. Jackass can dream up, lest they get the taser.

Resist the urge for jokes or placations of this as “stupid”. This isn’t stupid. This is fascist police state tactics. This is more than “scared alert”. This is “frightened into submissiveness”.

Worst part is, most people prefer it this way.


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