Today’s useless trivia: This is the infamous “Mad Dog 20/20“,  possibly the most famous of the low-end fortified “bum wines” available to students and masters of drinking and homelessness. The MD actually stands for Mogen David, the wine’s manufacturer. A wikipedia entry confirms that Mogen David is in fact the Yiddish pronunciation of Shield of David. In English apparently we use it more often to mean “Star of David”, but we’ll steer clear of that one.

This is literally “Shield of David 20/20”, the universal aegis against cold, pain, regret and consciousness.

If it doesn’t work, the only place left to go is to Satan’s own piss, the American Classic.

Style point: Orwell told us never to use foreign words in English if you can avoid it. Everyone does this, myself included. But the bum wine listed above is a nice example of where you can have bible references end up if you do. Just a thought.


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