Other Experience

I don’t have many fancy pictures of me at work, because I work under the hood. It’s a reporter’s lot. I talk to the people. I listen. I interview. I pass the data along. Acting between so many professions has lent me an interesting perspective on the professional world. Some examples of my sources are below.

Creative Consultant

I provide solutions to complex media-related problems requiring a keen creative mind and an awareness of the nuances to both the business and creative aspects of media development.
Clients include:

  • SponsorChange
  • Isarael-Palestine Pen Pal Program
  • Hypothetical Software

Cab Driver

Victory Taxi – Summer 2006
Yellow Cab (Pittsburgh) – 2010-Present
As a cab driver, I have had the opportunity to interview and canvass as few other professionals can. I talk to people of all walks of life, from consultants and small business owners, to criminals, business executives, politicians, and consumers. I learn more in one day than you can learn from most major news outlets. It’s a feeder for a great and rare well of information that I bring to the table.

Midem Media

One Model Army
At Midem Media, we create films, as well as providing affordable videos for training, safety, and orientation purposes.As its managing staff member, I contribute as its:
Producer, Director and Primary Screenwriter
Current Projects:


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